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Rifts RPG: World Book 6 South America 1

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Explore the jungles of South America and discover the secrets of biomancy, living power armor, anti-monster cyborgs, bio-modified female super-warriors, reptilian D-Bees, pincer warriors, voodoo priests, and dark conspiracies. Plus, pirates, insectoid D-Bees, dragons, new weapons and equipment, magic, adventure and more! Highlights include: over 20 new O.C.C.S And R.C.C.S including the Amazon Warrior, Monster Hunter, Lizard Men, Flying Tigers, Felinoids, Minions Of Inix, Pirates, Warriors and more. Biomancer O.C.C., bio-weaponry, and biomancy magic. Voodoo magic, priests, spirits and characters. New Kittani power armor and weapons, plus other high tech and magic weapons and equipment. World information includes legendary El Dorado, Pyramid City, The Land of The Lizard Men, The Splugorth of Atlantis, The Pirate Kingdom, Vampire Wars, Slavers, D-Bees and Monsters. Cover by Brom. Interior art by Brom, Kevin Long, Roger Petersen, And Vince Martin. Written by: C.J. Carella; additional text by Siembieda.