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Shadowgate, The Living Castle is a 2-4 Player semi-cooperative board game where the Players can choose between 8 different characters that have their own unique class, traits, and abilities and compete to gain XP points by completing Quests. This is done by equipping Item Cards and rolling dice to boost your stats so that you can meet the cost of the Quest. For each Quest you complete, each monster you defeat, for each Djinn Riddle you answer, and each Item you equip, you`ll gain XP Points! Once the Players uncover and rebuild the legendary Staff of Ages, they will take on the Warlock Lord and the Behemoth by bidding against one of the Final Quest cards, which will reward varying XP points and the Player with the most XP Points at the end wins the game and is crowned High Lord of Westland! Shadowgate, the Living Castle is based on the Macventure, Kemco NES and 2014 remake video game, Shadowgate.