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Box One Game Review

Box One Game Review

Box One Game Review

Want to know what we think of Box One – keep reading below.

Neil Patrick Harris has collaborated with Theory 11 to create a unique one-player game. This is an ever-evolving game of trivia, codes, puzzles, and discovery.

This is going to be a difficult game to review because we always want to keep our reviews spoiler-free. This is one game that truly has more to it than meets the eye…

The Game – Box One

This is an excellent solo game. We highly recommend it. Not much more we can say…

Game Components

The components in Box One are excellent. The design is unbelievable.

Game Setup

Make sure you are alone, pull out the notepad and pen provided, and get started reading the Challenge Cards, couldn’t be more simple…

Game Play

All we can tell you is this game is a real card turner!

Overall Impressions

We love this game and highly recommend it.

We know this review appears to be lacking in detail but we hope that you can read between the lines and figure out that there is so much going on with this game that we cannot talk about. It would have been easier not to try to write a review at all, but then you might have missed out on what is a really excellent game. Trust us – NPH would never lie to you.

We Love

  • Excellent components! (would love to say more, but know that we really mean excellent)
  • The game play is great!

Could be better

  • It’s got NPH – nothing could be better!

Unfortunately, we don’t sell Box One in our store, but you can get your copy on the Theory11 website


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