Please note: At this time our store is temporarily closed. We will reopen on May 22nd. See Store Closure for details!
DHG - reopens May 22nd!

DHG - reopens May 22nd!

DHG - reopens May 22nd!

Hi Everyone,

This is iain! I'm the owner of DHG! 

We want to thank everyone who participated in our recent sale of Fallout! It was a huge success! We actually ran out of our copies within two days of the sale opening. I guess it has something to do with the new tv show.

Anyways - I know there is a lot of messaging throughout the site that the store is closing for a break. Our business is small and from time to time we close the store to take a family holiday. Family first, we say!

While we are away, the store will remain open and you are free to order. All items will ship after May 22nd. If you add items to your order that need to be ordered in, those will be ordered on May 20th. Please get your order in by May 19th as we will place the order very early on May 20th. 

If you have ordered from us recently, and you receive your shipment while we are closed, please email if you have any issues, damage, missing components etc. We will address these issues on May 22nd. If your message is regarding damage, please take photos of the shipping box, inside and out along with the damaged item. We will work with you when we return.

Finally, we are gamers, so we're taking a bunch of board games with us on our trip! Although, I was told I couldn't take Nemesis or Descent as the boxes wouldn't fit in my carry on -- oh well!

So, as we like to say Bon Voyage!