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New boardgames for July!

New boardgames for July!

New boardgames for July!

Welcome to this regular article that will discuss new boardgames coming to the store in the near future. This is our update for July 8th – July 31st.

CATAN: Treasures, Dragons & Adventurers

First up is the eagerly anticipated scenario expansion for CATAN. CATAN: Treasures, Dragons & Adventurers is a full box release of a very popular digital scenario. You will defeat dragons, and discover new islands off the coast of Catan. The expansion includes 6 scenarios, a new board of islands and plenty of new components to keep you busy “Cataning” (is this even a verb?) into the future. This releases July 16th

Arkham Horror LCG – Return to the Circle Undone

Next up, it’s time to head back to Arkham and revisit a classic Mythos Cycle. Arkham Horror LCG – Return to the Circle Undone from Fantasy Flight Games is a box full of new cards and scenario modifications to enrich the experience of playing through this campaign a second or even third time. With new player cards, and updated scenario cards along with a cool storage box, this release joins the others in the “Return to” series and should definitely become part of your library if you are a fan of the Arkham Files. This product also releases on July 16th


If you Gothic Horror isn’t your thing, at the other end of the spectrum is Meadow. This game from Rebel Studio has some seriously amazing artwork. In Meadow, 1 – 4 players choose cards to place into their meadow teeming with other wildlife. Players score points by placing predator cards over prey cards in the ecosystem. The catch is that a player needs to have the correct prey cards in their meadow to be able to put out that predator. This fun nature based game should not be missed. If you are a fan of Wingspan, definitely check this out. This releases July 23rd

Pandemic: Hot Zone Europe

This is another game in the Pandemic series of games. In Pandemic: Hot Zone Europe, players work cooperatively to cure three diseases scattered across Europe. As part of the Hot Zone series, this game can be combined with Pandemic: Hot Zone North America and you can even play using both boards, which is pretty awesome! This game releases on July 30th

These are just a few of the new boardgames launching soon that are definitely worth adding to your collection! Keep your eye out every couple of weeks for new round ups of upcoming games. There are definitely some new games on the horizon which we are very excited about, but we’ll save those for a later post and we’ll bring them to you as their release dates get finalized!