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Party Games to bring to your 4th of July Party

Party Games to bring to your 4th of July Party

Party Games to bring to your 4th of July Party

Today we want to highlight some games that are perfect for a 4th of July get together! These games may not be the first ones you think of when you think of party games, but they are definitely worth checking out! Get those fireworks ready and here is the list we’ll be bringing to our party!

Just One

Don’t you just love solving a good mystery? In Repos Production’s Just One you do that albeit with a slight twist. Here you and your friends try to discover as many words as possible! But be sure, since you only have 13 rounds to play and the goal is to score 13 points or as close to it as you can! This game is definitely fun when sitting around with a group of friends at a backyard barbecue. A bit of word play competition with your burgers!


Another great game to bring to a party is Dixit by Libellud. This game makes everyone a good story teller. Each player has a hand of picture cards and when it is your turn to be the story teller you pick a card form your hand and give a sentence to describe it. Everyone else picks a card from their hand that could also be described by that sentence. All the cards are shuffled up then revealed. The other players votes to pick the story tellers card and score points! This is a great game for family get togethers around the 4th! Everybody gets a turn as the story teller so no one is left out! The artwork on the Dixit cards is beautiful and what’s great also is there are a ton of expansions!


If the party is starting to die down and you have a few friends still hanging around, you can always pull out Mysterium also from Libellud. This is a cool game that is cooperative, but with one catch – one player can’t speak but they are the player that knows all the answers! By following the clues, laying down cards and choosing the correct answers, can you may be able to unravel the mystery of Mysterium!


Last but by no means least, Concept by Repos Production is more of a traditional board game which may work with your 4th of July plans. It can accommodate up to 12 players, so you can get everyone at the part around the game table. This game forces you to talk to your fellow players to discover what the underlying “Concept” (get it?) of the game is. What’s cool is that there is also have a kids version called Concept Kids: Animals, so if you have Junior players they can get involved too!

Need more inspiration? Head over to our Party page where you will find these games along with a host of others!