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Store Reopening January 16th

Store Reopening January 16th

Store Reopening January 16th

We wanted to provide an update on our online store. We have been closed since November 30th. Our plan was to reopen the store today, January 12th; however, we are delaying that opening. We are going to now reopen on Monday, January 16th. 

If you’ve been following our newsletter and website, you’ll know we’ve been traveling abroad in Australia. It was a fantastic trip, and we saw and did many things while there. That said, this was indeed a “working vacation” for us.

While there, we decided that the store needed an overall refresh. We had heard your feedback that sometimes the store is slow and hard to navigate and we took that feedback in and decided we had to do something about it!

We also wanted to separate the online store from the blogging and reviewing side of the site. The new blog will be called Desk of Detective Hawk.

Rebuilding the site has turned out to be a fairly involved process. We’ve just finished moving the store to a new platform, Shopify. Now a few final items need to be adjusted before we can go live. We didn’t want to push the site live today and have those last few things break – so we decided to address them and open the store back up on Monday.

This new site will be vastly improved over the original, so we want to provide you with a few highlights!

First, you will notice that we have a much broader range of games listed in our store. We will have the entire Asmodee catalog of 1500+ games, including all the miniatures and expansions. We’ll also be adding on the ACDD catalog of available products in the next month or so.