About Us

Established in 2021, we are Detective Hawk Games located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. Our mission is to be a fun and engaging board game reviewer and retailer.

We deliver board game reviews and other gaming related blog content that will keep you interested and coming back to our site. The exclusive offers associated with our reviews might also just tempt you to become a regular Detective Hawk Games customer. When we review a game or product that we don’t carry, we will make sure you know where you can find it, and if we can, we will work with the supplier to get you a great deal there too.

Our love of board games is where the idea for this business was born.  We especially enjoy games that are highly themed and have a strong story component.  Being a highly competitive pair a cooperative game is usually high on our list – no one has to sleep on the couch then! That said we do also dabble in competitive gaming from time to time.

We work directly with Asmodee and with ACDD distribution to bring in all the games you see on our site.  As time goes on, we will also be offering retail versions of Kickstarter games that have piqued our interest.

Are there any games or products you would like us to review?  Got a favorite you think we should get into our store so others can enjoy it too?  Contact Us and let us know!