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Christmas in July -Shipping Updates

last updated July 30th 8:09am

We are down to the final few orders. Those will be finished today. this will be our last update of the sale.

If you received a shipping notice, your shipment will get picked up tomorrow by UPS

Next we're moving onto order that came in the week after the sale (July 15th - July 23rd). Those are much less in quantity and should be out the door by Tuesday.

Thanks again for such a great sale! 

last updated July 29th 7:06am

its been a busy week! We've had orders going out and pallets coming in! We are down to the last 46 orders to fill. We aim to have those done over the weekend. Then we need to move onto post-sale orders!

Thanks for making this sale such a huge success!

last updated July 24th 7:40pm

The Asmodee pallets have arrived! We are diligently breaking these down and will begin filling orders from this tomorrow. They are massive 1400lbs of boardgames!

We have about 175 orders left to fill from the sale! Of which about 75 are now fillable. That may not seem like a lot, but a lot of the rest are waiting on the Alliance Pallet as well!

We will be filling orders as quickly as possible. You may get a shipping notice, that means your order is packed up and ready to ship out!

We have contacted the shipping service Alliance has used to find out what the hold up is with our shipment. We hope to hear back tomorrow!

last updated July 24th 8:27am

Sorry for the radio silence this weekend, we did pack up about 1/3 of the outstanding orders this weekend. If you received a shipping notice, your items are boxed up and ready for UPS.

Also this represents EVERY order we could fully fill. 

We are getting the Asmodee pallets today (this afternoon). We're going to break them down and get the orders picked.

If you are waiting on games that include Alliance Games (you'll see how to tell below!) We still have some from the first Alliance pallet, if those combined with what's coming in today from Asmodee, complete your order, your order will be picked and go out.

We are waiting on one more pallet from Alliance Games. They shipped it freight and we are having an issue with this freight company. They "claim" we are not within their normal delivery area (um...ok... we are 15 minutes from Disney World - to give you all some perspective) They said the 2-day ship from Alliance (which we ordered on July 13th) will be here "sometime this week" when they can.

This is extremely frustrating, this Alliance pallet was ordered BEFORE the other pallet which has already arrived. They shipped this one with a different provider. The one we received went smoothly, this one not so much.

As soon as it arrives, we'll break it down and get everything out to you.

Please trust we are going as quickly as possible with filling and packing orders. The bottleneck is receiving those shipments timely

If anyone wants to know the specific status of their order. We will be happy to break it down for you. Please contact us at orders@detectivehawkgames.com. Iain, our owner, is the one who responds to those and he is also, picking and breaking down the pallets. So please be patient and he will get back to you.

We'll also be reaching out to a few of you regarding your orders being mostly ready, except for a single game that is being held up. 

last updated July 20th at 10:59 pm

We are moving through the packing of the games. We also got word that Asmodee is delivering two pallets of games to us on Monday. It also appears that Alliance is sending us our final pallet on Monday or Tuesday.

At that point we should be able to fill most orders. There are a few things from both distributors still to come in but we will be mostly good!

Here's the Shipping update if you missed it!


last updated July 19th at 10:02pm

This is a bit trying... but we'll get there.

So - we got the Alliance Freight shipment today and we opened everything up and started going through everyone's orders. 

Jokingly saying this " Why can't you guys order from just one distributor!! :-) " 

So we have about 10 - 15 complete orders in that freight shipment. 

The rest of the games in the Alliance freight make up partial orders. The other games need to come in from Asmodee.

I said yesterday, it would be Friday... so we could be rocking by the weekend... but Fedex Freight from Minnesota (where Asmodee is based) to us in Florida is taking its sweet sweet time. Tracking has it arriving here Monday and it's not one, but two pallets of games. Woohoo! These pallets include games ordered on Monday July 10th and Tuesday July 11.

Seperately, tomorrow we are getting more Asmodee shipping boxes in - We will fill everything we can out of those. We're hoping that because we didn't order as much from Wednesday - Friday during the sale, these will be in the shipping boxes the next few days.


last updated July 18th at 7:28pm

And we wait...

We have filled all orders we can as of this point. We have about 50+ orders that have everything but 1 or 2 items . Like literally, we are waiting for one game in the order to ship it. 

We are getting 5 shipping boxes tomorrow from Asmodee and 3-4 boxes from Alliance.

We are expecting a 600lb Freight delivery tomorrow from Alliance and two 500lb freight deliveries  from Asmodee on Friday! All these large deliveries have games for July 10th and 11th only. 

Non-Weekly Deals games purchased on the 12th,13th,14th are still at the warehouses. Some of the Weekly Deals items have already arrived as they are from Asmodee and ship differently. 

Quick trick to figuring out if you have Asmodee or Alliance in your order. Alliance SKUs have a space in them. So if your order has both skus with no space and with a space, then you are getting items from both. 

With these large pallets arriving, we will break down the boxes into your orders. We will fill all orders we have some items for first. 

Every time we get a shipment in we go through the entire 400 orders we got during the sale and pull all games we can to be packed. 

Tomorrow we are waiting for deliveries to arrive and will resume packing orders as soon as that happens. Deliveries arrive in the morning.

Until tomorrow!

last updated July 17th 10:32pm

We wanted to provide a quick update!

We got through orders up to #1603. Now please understand, if you did not get a shipping notice for an order between 1541 and 1603 there is a few things going on.

1. Not all your products come from one supplier. We did get a large pallet of games from Asmodee and we broke it all down and organized it by order. Alliance Game Distributors is sending games in large shipping boxes. We got 5 from them today along with the pallet

2. Not everything came in yesterday. We are getting more deliveries tomorrow and will start by closing the remaining earlier orders and then move from there.

We are working quickly but packing takes time. If you need us to prioritize your order (like it's needed for a birthday or a special event), please reach out. We can't guarantee it, but we do want to help!

Finally, All orders that were completed today are scheduled for UPS pickup tomorrow morning. 

We will be back packing around 6am tomorrow morning and getting as many done as we can. Check back after 10pm tomorrow for another update!

last updated July 16th, 10:48am 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Christmas in July Sale! We are starting to receive the inventory for everything you ordered. Starting tomorrow, July 17th, we will be packing orders from this sale. Today we are packing orders that came in right before the sale began!

If you have not received an email regarding the timing of your shipment, hang tight. We got through the emails up until Thursday afternoon. Orders placed after that will receive emails today.

Orders from the sale began with

Order # 1541

We aim to fill 50 orders every day. We will try and fill everything in the order they were purchased as long as the product has come in.  

We do ask for patience from you and in return we will be as transparent as possible with where your order is in the process.

We are getting shipments all next week, including two FedEx freight deliveries of over 1000 lbs worth of board games.

If your order is extremely large, we will be in touch individually to discuss shipment options.

Lastly, we will update this page every night to detail how far we got in the day, so you'll understand the pace we are going at with the packing.

If you need to reach us about your order. We can be reached via email. We will not check it throughout the day and will get back to you in the evening.

Everyone is being pulled to pack so we can get these orders out!