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Detective Hawk Deal!

Detective Hawk's Deal!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our weekly deal last week for Hellboy! We had no idea how many people would love this deal!

For our next Detective Hawk's Deal, we are switching genres to a strategy game, Dragon Boats of the Four Seas! If you don't know this game, you should! It was first a Kickstarter that was published by Maple Games and it tripled it's pledge requested.The designers Peter Wocken and Daryl Andrews worked on Sagrada. Together they have created games such as Imagineers and Zooleretto a Spiel des Jahres ("Game of the Year")

In this Euro-inspired game you take control of a dragon boat off of the Middle Kingdom, Zhong-Guo and you attempt to gain favor with the noble houses by building farms, trading and making offerings.

We're offering this game for $25.99. This is almost 50% off the MSRP.

From Today, March 6th until Sunday March 12th at Midnight EST, we're offering this excellent deal!

Shipping Timing

As with our previous sale, we will be making a single order with our supplier for these game on March 13th. All orders that contain Dragon Boats will be held until this game arrives from the supplier. If your order includes "In Stock - Available at Supplier" items, these will also be added to our March 13th order with our supplier. 

Again, this sale starts, today March 6th. Limit 1 of each per customer.

(Note: this is the Retail edition published by Asmodee and not the Kickstarter edition)