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We`ve brought dinosaurs back to life, but who will care for these magnificent and dangerous beasts? You are paleo-veterinarians, competing to save as many dinos as possible from modern illnesses and injuries. Roll dice, upgrade your hospital, and compete with fellow paleo-veterinarians to treat injured and sick dinosaurs. As long as the dinosaurs don`t wake up during treatment, nothing can go wrong In Paleovet, players take turns drafting dinosaur cards from a central river, rolling dice, and spending dice icons for various effects, most notably curing sick and injured dinosaurs. Each dinosaur card lists which icons are needed to cure it, and effect, victory points, its genetic order, and diet. Dinosaur effects can occur when the dinosaur appears in the center of the table when it is added to your hospital, or while it remains in your hospital. These effects can change gameplay in a variety of ways.