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Alan & Bobby's Block and Guess

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by Matagot

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This item releases January 5th.

Make other players guess a word using wooden pieces, easy? Not that much! In Block Party, your opponents will choose the wooden pieces you will use… Good luck!

Players will be playing in two teams of two players. Each round, one person from each team will be building an object. The other two people are the guessers. They will be trying to identify their teammates’ objects in order to gain points. Beware the construction cards! You might end up playing with just one eye open…

Block Party ends after 4 rounds and the team with the most points win the game.

  • TEAM WORD BUILDING: Engage in team-based word building fun with two teams of two players each.
  • BUILD AND GUESS: One player from each team builds an object while the others guess, earning points for successful identifications.
  • CONSTRUCTION CHALLENGES: Beware the construction cards that add unexpected twists and challenges to the game.
  • COMPETITIVE FUN: Compete against other teams to showcase your word constructing skills using various shaped blocks.
  • STRATEGIC FOILING: Foil your opponents' plans with cleverly placed blocks to hinder their word-building progress.