Army of Darkness: 30th Anniversary Board Game

Type: Board Games

This is a preorder. This game releases in December 2023

From the powerhouse designers at Lynnvander Studios comes a game that will take you to Hell and back - if you've got the guts to play it! In this cooperative tower defense board game for 2 to 4 players, Ash Williams and his allies lead the defense of Lord Arthur's castle. Each round, players frantically program actions in a real-time planning phase. Then they take turns resolving those cards to move around the castle, use its artillery and other rooms, and fight to keep the Deadites at bay. If they can survive long enough against the Army of Darkness, Evil Ash himself shows up - and if the players can defeat him before the undead steal the Necronomicon, then the battle will be won! CORE GAME INCLUDES: 40 character standees, 95 cards & 47 tokens, 6 custom dice, 5 playable character boards