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Dweghom: Steelforged

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Some Dweghom manifest so much of their Elemental Gift, they must master it or be consumed by it. Few Have the skill, will or dedication needed to become Sorcerers. In fact, most Dweghom elect to install techno sorcerous grafts that allow them to harmlessly vent their excess power. Steelforged pilots are recruited from amongst these individuals who possess a Gift for both Elements: their excess Primordial Fire and Earth channeled through their grafts and into these towering steel automata. Countless foes have been cut down expecting a lumbering clankingbehemoth, only to be confounded by the speed and power of these deadly automata. How they Play: The Steelforged are the Dweghom’s answer to the age old question of “quantity or quality of Attacks?”. With the Flux-Powered Rule Steelforged are capable of switching from one mode of Attack to the other whilst their naturally high Defense stats allows them to withstand even the most violent of onlsaughts!