Exceed: Under Night In-Birth - Orie Box

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Under Night In-Birth makes its way from the arcade to your tabletop with the Exceed Fighting System! Each fighter’s unique special moves and personal strategies have been translated to the tabletop in stunning detail.

This box contains 4 fighters and everything you need to play:

  • Orie - A deliberate counter-attacker, Orie can boost her attacks with strong defense, then seize the advantage to unleash a relentless assault.
  • Waldstein - Maximize Power! Waldstein's attacks do huge damage and have gigantic range. Watch out for disruption though!
  • Merkava - Merkava's unpredictable ranges and movement will disrupt foes' strategies and maximize the advantage of his flexible play style.
  • Wagner - Wagner utilizes powerful boosts to raise her stats and crush rivals. She intimidates foes to control their tempo and keep them on the back foot.

With the Exceed Fighting System, any fighter can battle against any other, regardless of their origin!