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Shadows of Brimstone: Blasted Wastes Deluxe OtherWorld

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An inhospitable and corrosive alien desert, the Blasted Wastes is a distant planet used as a prison world by nearby alien civilizations, marooning their worst criminals on the surface with no hope of escape! Though most sent to the wastes are consumed by the deadly creatures that live under the sand, or fall victim to the burning suns, sulfur acid pools, or toxic Dark Stone dust storms, those that survive eke out a living by forming vicious warbands to scavenge the desert dunes, searching for resources and the countless alien treasures buried beneath the burning sands. This Expansion introduces a brand new OtherWorld full of alien terrors, Wasteland Scavengers, and deadly desert hazards! Included are a full set of 18 Map Tiles for the Blasted Wastes world (with another new Earth-based world on the back - The Canyons), all of the cards needed for both of these new worlds, 4 deadly new Enemy Types (6 Wasteland Scavengers, 3 Sand Crabs, 3 Wasteland Warlords/Heavies, and 6 Tribal Ghost Warriors), as well as a brand new alien Barter Town that Heroes can visit in the Wastes!