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Hundred Kingdoms: 1 player Starter Set

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A Hundred Kingdoms Warband is the ideal place for an aspiring commander to begin his collection into the world of Conquest. With 1 Characters, 1 Cavalry set and three Regiments it provides the player with enough troops to play a solid game of Conquest: First Blood, while also providing a starting point for a full Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings army. Makes a great gift!

Includes 12 Household Guard or Gilded Legion Miniatures, 12 Militia Bowmen, 12 Militia Miniatures, 3 Household Knights Miniatures, 1 Noble Lord Miniature, 1 Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings 1.5 Rulebook, All Assembly Guides, a path of Conquest Hundred Kingdoms guide, and a preview of First Blood 2.0 with $10 coupon for the print copy.