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Kings of War: Edge of the Abyss - Summer Campaign Book

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For centuries it has remained still, but now The Abyss is growing. The denizens of this terrible place have finally unlocked its awful secrets and now it spreads like an open wound across the face of Mantica. The evil races of Mantica are thriving on the terrible energies being released from this hellish chasm. Necromancers are able to raise legions of the undead. Orc raiding parties slay any that get in their path. The Empire of Dust is raising a great fleet to sail across the Infant Sea. Goblins swarm across the land like a green plague. While the Abyssal Dwarfs sense an opportunity to wipe out their dwarven kin. It is a time of fear and darkness. Yet, there is hope. Sensing this awful affront to Nature, the Green Lady has sent her many messengers throughout the land. On wing, claw, paw, and hoof they have travelled the length and breadth of Mantica to carry a simple message: `Unite!` In ancient Dwarven Halls to the lush forests of Elves and majestic cities of Basilea, the rallying cry has been heard. Now the ground shakes as the armies of Good march to war, united under the banner of the Green Lady. Whatever the costs, the sickening spread of the Abyss must be stopped! Change the face of Mantica in Edge of the Abyss, a global campaign that brings brand-new heroes and units to your games of Kings of War.