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Oh My Goods! Expedition to Newdale

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Unknown terrain, intrigues, dangers from the North, and a menace from within all must be mastered in Expedition to Newdale by star designer Alexander Pfister! Starting from the capital city of Longsdale, 1 to 4 players develop new regions, survive adventures, and prove loyalty to the King - or they may secretly help the rebels!

Players are immersed in the world of the popular card game Oh My Goods! through multiple scenarios and maps. New challenges and choices face them each time they play, encouraging cunning choices and varied strategies. Expedition to Newdale offers an evolvingstory and hours of exciting gameplay. Each scenario can be played separately or as part of a campaign. Who will defy these adverse conditions and use the twist of fate most successfully?

This product is published by Lookout Games, also check out their Agricola.