Old Dominion: Archimandrite

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When the Fall occurred the vast majority of Hazlia’s priesthood was obliterated along with Capitas, the capital of the theocratic Dominion. Those who survive today and have taken the mantle of the Last Creed are the spiritual descendants not of the central priesthood which was annihilated along with Capitas, but of the monastic orders that thrived beyond the reach of Capitas’ influence. Amongst the oldest and most dangerous members of the Last Creed are the Archimandrites, each blessed in the vile might of the unGod and steeped in the mysteries and rituals of his dark church. Their monasteries abandoned in return of cells deep within the bedrock beneath Capitas, these blasphemous creatures command the absolute loyalty of a dozen or so acolytes who lead the depraved followers of the apocalyptic cults so readily found in the dying lands to the north as well as as many undying legionnaires and monstrosities as their dark arts allow them to control.