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Old Dominion: Fallen Divinity Artisan Series, designed by Michael Kontraros

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Once noble paragons of the Dominion's Pantheon but long since corrupted by Hazlia's Fall, Fallen Divinities are quite simply the most dangerous foes mankind has encountered to date. Thankfully, the trauma of the Fall and the valiant efforts of Kleon during the theomachia that followed have crippled and contained the power of these abhorrent beings. This means that they can be opposed by mortal arms for a brief spell, that vulnerable moment between their manifestation before they have had a chance to feast upon the Dark Power released by the destruction of their followers. This Artisan Series miniature is an original sculpt by Michael Kontraros, inspired by the lore of our founder, Stavros Halkias. It is an Artisan Series to showcase the craftsmanship that went in to the design, but also out of respect for the hand made nature that each finished piece is.