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Rifts: Exotic Weapons

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Exotic Weapons100+ strange and deadly weapons from around the world throughout history. Axes of all kinds – Bullova, Hurlbats. Knives like the Tjaluk, Katar, Kukri, Kris, Bracelet Dagger, Bagh Nakh/Tiger Claws, and more. Swords like the Beheading Sword, Shotel, Sickle Swords, Lantern Sword, Boarsword, and more. Throwing irons like the Chakram, Kangaroo Rat, Shaken, Piau, and others. Throwing sticks like the Boomerang and Eskimo and African throwing sticks. War clubs like the Nunchaku, Tonfa, Maquahuilt, Kotiate and others. Pole arms from the Pike and Runka to the Roman Pilum and Fuscina trident. Staves and sword staves, spear shields, flails, blowpipes, and fighting whips. All real world weapons from around the globe and throughout history. Easily adaptable to ANY role-playing game regardless of the rules system. Completely compatible with all Palladium Books RPGs from Palladium Fantasy RPG and Heroes Unlimited to Dead Reig