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Rifts RPG: Conversion Book 1 Revised

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An incredible 224 page supplement packed with conversion rules and tables, new character classes, magic, monsters, characters and playing tips for the world of Rifts. Information includes explanations on how to adapt characters from other Palladium RPGS into the World Of Rifts (and vice versa), culture shock, optional S.D.C. Conversion rules, supernatural strength charts, alien intelligences, elementals, adult dragons, and over a 100 specific characters (villains and player characters many of which are available as optional player characters) from the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Heroes Unlimited, And Beyond The Supernatural, with other titles and genres touched upon. Highlights include: conversions for over 100 monsters. Over 40 optional player races including the Adult Dragon, Sphinx, Wolfen, Sowki, Giants and others. Magic O.C.C.S and powers for the Diabolist, Summoner and Witch. Warlock O.C.C., Elemental Magic and Elemental Beings. Superhero conversion rules. Supernatural P.S. Conversion tables. Playing tips and suggestions. Written by Kevin Siembieda.