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Rifts RPG: World Book 23 Xiticix Invasion

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Earth is home to thousands of alien species from beyond the Rifts. One of the strangest and most dangerous is the Xiticix. A danger nobody seemed to realize until the sprawling Hivelands began to encroach on the territories of other people. Armed with new breeds of aggressive warriors, new weapons and legions of insectoids willing to fight to the death, people are beginning to wonder if they are the next threat to humanity. ! 9 different types of Xiticix, their hierarchy and society. ! Xiticix Hive Cities, defenses and plans for expansion. ! Xiticix powers, abilities and weapons. ! Psi-Stalker Tribes fighting the Xiticix. The Psi-Stalker R.C.C. revisited. ! Heroes and Hardcases: groups and 15 Non-Player Characters. ! Plots against the alien invaders by the Coalition States, Lazlo and others. ! Fort Barron of the Coalition Army, mapped and described. ! Adventures, maps and many adventure ideas. ! Written by Kevin Siembieda and Wayne Breaux Jr.