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Pandemic: The Cure

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In this dice-based version of Pandemic, curing diseases that plague humanity comes down to a roll of the dice—literally!

Pandemic: The Cure is a stand alone, dice-based version of classic cooperative Pandemic board game. Just like the original, you win or lose together as your team travels the globe treating diseases and keeping hot spots in check while researching cures. In this version, though, rolling dice determines everything from the outcome of your actions to the behavior of diseases. Each character has both a unique ability and a set of dice you roll at the start of each turn. Depending on the results, you can fly or sail between population centers, treat diseases in your region, collect samples for further study, or exchange information with other players. Try for the perfect turn by rerolling your unused dice, but each biohazard symbol that comes up brings you one step closer to the next epidemic.

Play the odds as you re-roll your player dice, ward off outbreaks and epidemics, and search for cures. No matter what you roll, the fate of the world is in your hands!

This game is a standalone version. Also see expansions and standalone versions for this game: Pandemic Expansions and Standalone Versions.

This product is published by Z-Man Games.