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Not Alone

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It`s the 25th Century and humanity has set off for the stars. Having travelled to the edges of the galaxy, we`ve never encountered other intelligent lifeforms. Until now. While searching through the central archives of ancient Earth, you discover a planet has been removed from official maps and that no other data is available. Intrigued, you set up an expedition to Artemia. Initial readings from Artemia`s surface reveal it`s hospitable to human life and home to rich and varied fauna and flora. But, as you enter the planet`s atmosphere, a strong magnetic field disrupts your ship`s on-board computers, and you crash land. Stranded, you begin to explore your surroundings - but, in the distance, you make out the silhouette of something observing you. You are not alone... Not Alone is an asymmetrical game of hunt - or be hunted!