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Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin: Black Goat

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Additional companion (Goat of the Moors) expansion with high-quality miniature and with its own small personal side story.

  • ENHANCE YOUR GAME: Add depth and immersion to your Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin experience with the detailed Black Goat miniature.
  • COMPANION MODEL: This miniature companion represents the ominous presence of the Black Goat in the game world.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this miniature enhances the visual appeal of your gaming sessions.
  • COLLECTIBLE: A must-have addition for fans and collectors of Tainted Grail seeking to expand their game components.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Requires the Kings of Ruin Core Box to fully enjoy and integrate into your Tainted Grail adventures.