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Tussie Mussie Expansion Collection

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NOTE: Copy below is from the core game. This is the expansion which includes additional Orange Flowers, Greenery and Ribbons - The core game of Tussie Mussie is required to play.

Coming from an era full of fads such as using tear catchers to determine the length of mourning, Tussie-Mussie is based on the Victorian fad that assigned meanings to the flowers that friends and lovers exchanged.

Famous authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Emily Bronte all utilized the meaning of flowers in their writings, and now you can experience the language of flowers in this newest wallet game from Wingspan designer Elizabeth Hargrave, artist Beth Sobel, and Button Shy Games. Also available is a Flower Shoppe solo expansion by Mike Mullins.

Featuring I-Split-You-Choose drafting, players draw 2 cards and offer one face-up and another face-down to their neighbor. The neighbor takes their choice and the active player receives the other. After everyone has 4 cards, face-down cards are revealed and everyone scores their collection. After 3 rounds the scores are totaled to determine a winner!

This game is published by Button Shy Games

Again, this is the expansion for Tussie Mussie - the core game is required to play.