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What is this game?

Unfathomable is a semi-cooperative game joining the Arkham Horror Files. Set in 1913, this game happens before the rest of the Arkham Horror Files games. Here you take on the role of people on board the SS Atlantica. However, something is amiss. Some of you are humans, while others are Deep One Hybrids hiding amongst the crew and customers.

At the beginning of each game, each player takes a loyalties card hidden from the other players. Will you be a Human or a Hybrid? Humans are trying to save the ship while Hybrids are trying to sink it.

The game has a shared resource pool where humans try to protect it while hybrids are subtly depleting it.

Skill tests in this game happen as a group, with everyone committing cards to the same skill test. Those cards have numbers on them, and a human will try to succeed, while a hybrid will submit lower cards trying to get it to fail.

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Is WHO I play in this game important?

In this game, each character has a unique skill that they can use if they aren't in the brig. However, if the character has been revealed as a traitor, their motivations become outward, and their skills change.

In this game, the skills are different for each player and represent the number of cards they can submit to the group skill test.

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How long does the game take to play?

The game takes 2-3 hours to play. That said, it does go by very fast. The game is not slow by any means. You will continually evaluate the board and talk with your fellow players to decide what you will do next. Just be wary. Not everyone's motives are the same.

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Detective Hawk Games Recommends

This game looks like it will be a lot of fun. We haven't had the chance to review it yet, but will hopefully be reviewing it this year. Keep an eye on this space for our Review and Game Overview detailing how it plays.

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