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Achtung Panzer!: Blood & Steel Starter Game

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Achtung Panzer! is th egame of in-depth 28mm WW2 tank combat that allows wargamers to fight exciting close-quarter battles in dense terrain, and experience the effectiveness of armoured fighting vehicles and their crews in WW2, with enormous customisability and a reqarding campaign system. Suitable for two or more players, Achtung Panzer! makes use of our existing range of plastic tanks and terrain. With a card and token-based system, players can enter the game from several avenues. The Blood & Steel starter set contains everthing needed to start playing Achtung Panzer!, including a full colour rulebook, a host of asset and event cards and plastic ruined terrain and a quintet of armoured fighting vehicles; a pair of mighty German Panthers and a trio of British Shermans. These five mighty machines are all rendered in fantastically detailed plastic kits, packed with optional extras, and can be customised even further with the additional included stowage pack.