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Achtung Panzer!: Soviet Army Tank Force

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The Achtung Panzer! Soviet Army Tank Force contains: 1/56th scale hard plastic kits of the following: 3x T-34/76 medium tanks, 1x Iosef Stalin 2 Heavy Tank, 1x KV-1 Heavy tank/Kv-2 Assault Tank - Assembly guides and full-colour waterslide decals - Vehicle damage markers - 10x Achtung Panzer! asset cards - 2x Achtung Panzer! Tank Ace Datacards - 4x Achtung Panzer! Tank Ace Skill Cards - Achtung Panzer! phase & time tracker - Achtung Panzer! Datacards for 16 vehicles - Achtung Panzer! tokens & markers - Tank Stowage & accessories - Mounted & Dismounted tank crew (Warlord Resin)