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Holiday Gift Guide - Special Editions

Holiday Gift Guide - Special Editions

Holiday Gift Guide - Special Editions

When you typically think of board games, you think of those games you get those “normal” versions of the board game. Well, did you know that a lot of your favorite games have released special editions. Some are for Anniversaries or special events, while others are just because it is a great idea. Well, we’d like to feature three games that we think will be the perfect gift for that finicky board gamer in your family.

Ticket to Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary Edition

First up, we have a new edition of Ticket to Ride. This classic network and route building game has you creating train routes across Europe. This 15th Anniversary edition has a larger physical board, and 5 tins of really cool detailed trains. This game also includes the 1920s, Big Cities and European Express expansions. This is the definitive edition of Ticket to Ride: Europe.

Carcassonne: 20th Anniversary Edition

Next we have Carcassonne: 20th Anniversary. Carcassonne is a tile placement game that tasks you the player with collecting segments of land and cities. So what makes this edition special? Well, the upgraded visuals on the board along with the screen printed meeples with actual characters on each for starters. These look absolutely fantastic! If you are a fan of the original or want to bring someone into the fascinating world of Carcassonne, then this edition is a “must have”!


Now there’s CATAN… and there is CATAN 3D. This special edition bring CATAN into amazing relief. Each tile has elements of the tile rise up from the table. Forests look like forests, Mountains look very mountainous. You can even see the sheep on the meadows. It’s truly impressive what they have done with the tiles. Also all the resources supply lines and the Robber are fully designed. These have been hand sculpted by Klaus Teuber himself. This is definitely a game to pick up for someone who loves CATAN!

Hope you like our selections for best Special Editions. Next week we’ll focus on “Games worth waiting for – Preorders” where we’ll highlight new games you can order for someone special and have them delivered directly to them when it releases!